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    Zayed International Airport Revolutionizes Passenger Experience with IDEMIA’s Biometric Solutions

    In a landmark achievement for air travel technology, Zayed International Airport has successfully processed over one million passengers through Abu Dhabi’s new terminal since its inauguration on 15 November 2023. This marks a significant milestone in the journey towards enhanced travel efficiency and security, showcasing the power of cutting-edge biometric technology.
    Building on a long-term commitment to advancing airport capabilities, IDEMIA has been at the forefront of innovation in the UAE since 2011. The deployment of a comprehensive border management solution at Abu Dhabi Airport, featuring the world’s first multi-biometric entry/exit system, has significantly bolstered border security while simultaneously enhancing the passenger experience and throughput. The success of this groundbreaking project has led to its extension to the country’s four other international airports.
    The Single Token Journey (STJ) solution, a highlight of this collaboration, employs advanced facial recognition technology to streamline the passenger experience. By assigning a unique digital identifier to every traveler, the STJ solution eliminates the need for multiple documents, enabling passengers to move from curb to gate, including the border clearance step, in a record time of just 12 minutes.
    Elena Sorlini, MD and CEO, Zayed International Airport said: “The initial rollout of cutting-edge biometrics at Zayed International Airport underscores our dedication to enhancing airport experiences through innovation and technology, ensuring efficiency, convenience, and superior service. Once fully implemented, Abu Dhabi will pioneer as the world’s first airport with biometrics integrated at every stage, ensuring travelers enjoy a seamless, safe, and secure journey.”
    Osama Al Makhamreh, Vice President, Sales – Middle East & Africa, IDEMIA Public Security commented on this achievement: “We are thrilled to witness the transformative impact of our biometric solutions at Zayed International Airport’s new terminal. This milestone is not just a testament to our successful collaboration with Zayed International Airport but also a clear indicator of our commitment to enhancing the travel experience through innovation. The processing of over one million passengers since November is a significant achievement for us, and it underscores the scalability, security, and efficiency of the STJ solution. Together, we are setting a new global standard for passenger facilitation.”ADVERTISEMENTThis innovative approach not only enhances security but significantly improves the overall passenger experience. The success of the STJ solution at Zayed International Airport marks a pioneering step towards transforming air travel across the Middle East and potentially the world.
    The initiative aligns with Zayed International Airport’s commitment to adopting cutting-edge technologies that streamline the travel process, reinforcing the UAE’s position as a leading hub for technological advancement and superior passenger facilitation.
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    GoNexus Group announces new leadership team structure for global expansion

    GoNexus Group, a leading experiences and mobility travel group, proudly unveiled its new leadership team following its 25th-anniversary celebration in Cancun last week.The announcement came on the heels of a transformative change in the company’s structure and brand identity, transitioning from NexusTours to GoNexus Group. As part of this the new structure includes three dynamic brands: Nexus Tours, Nexus Cube, and Nexus Lab.
    GoNexus Group, commemorating its quarter-century mark, unveiled a dynamic leadership team committed to driving innovation, excellence, and global expansion. This combination of talent and expertise is dedicated to propelling the company to new heights, emphasising people-centric strategies and cutting-edge technology to shape a future of extraordinary travel experiences in the dynamic landscape of the travel industry.
    As such the members of the new GoNexus Group Committee are as follows:
    Rubén Gutiérrez – President. As the President of GoNexus Group, Rubén Gutiérrez provides the vision for the company’s global expansion. His strategic guidance and commitment to innovation set the tone for GoNexus Group’s journey into the future.Nexus Lab:Luisa Oyarzabal – Vicepresident Business Strategy and Operation Transformation. Luisa assumes the role of Vice President for Business Strategy & Operation Transformation, contributing her strategic acumen to shape and optimise the operational landscape of GoNexus Group. Her focus on transformation aligns with the company’s commitment to staying ahead in the travel industry.Jesús Rocha – Vicepresident IT Strategy and Operations. Jesús, as the VicePresident of IT Strategy and Operations, leads the technological charge, ensuring that GoNexus Group remains at the forefront of innovation. Rocha’s vision is crucial in developing cutting-edge products and solutions that enhance the travel experience.
    Luisa and Jesus both serve as the leaders of the Nexus Lab, thus their contributions also encompass the advancement and progression of technological innovations that facilitate the collective growth of the group.ADVERTISEMENTNexus Cube:Roberto Bermúdez – Managing Director of Nexus Cube and Head of Juniper Experiences by NexusTours. Roberto assumes his position steering the development of specialised products and bespoke tech solutions for B2B clients. Bermúdez’s leadership ensures that NexusCube remains a gateway to tailored solutions.
    NexusTours:Dunesky Gonzalez – Regional Director, Caribbean. Dunesky takes the helm as the Regional Director for the Caribbean, bringing a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the region. With a focus on delivering exceptional experiences, Gonzalez is integral to expanding GoNexus Group’s footprint in the Caribbean.Diana Soto – Regional Director, LATAM. Diana, as the Regional Director for Latin America (LATAM), leverages her expertise to strengthen relationships and drive business growth in the LATAM region. Soto is instrumental in fostering strategic partnerships and ensuring a tailored approach to the diverse Latin American market.
    Dunesky and Diana share the responsibility of overseeing the overall operation of DMS NexusTours ensuring service delivery.
    Rubén Gutiérrez, President of GoNexus Group, remarked, “As we celebrate GoNexus Group’s 25th-anniversary milestone we are entering a period where travel transcends expectations. Our carefully chosen leadership team stands at the forefront of this change in our sector, embodying diversity and expertise: comprising visionaries for Nexus Tours, innovators for Nexus Lab, and solution architects for Nexus Cube. With each member contributing a unique perspective, our journey is propelled by the belief that technology enhances, but people define. GoNexus Group promises to pioneer innovation, foster connections, and create timeless travel memories that resonate globally.”


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    Cloudbeds and IDeaS Forge Innovative Partnership

    Cloudbeds, a leading provider of hospitality management software, and IDeaS, the world’s leading provider of hospitality revenue management software and services, today announced a strategic technology partnership that brings together the expertise of two industry powerhouses to deliver cutting-edge revenue solutions for accommodations providers worldwide.The collaboration will combine IDeaS’ latest revenue management solution with Cloudbeds’ innovative hospitality management platform. The result will deliver a simple, yet powerful solution to enable thousands of independent hotel operators worldwide to reap the revenue benefits of automated dynamic pricing in an increasingly complex and competitive market.
    The revenue management solution, already used in over 10,000 hotels worldwide, is expected to be available to Cloudbeds clients in the Summer of 2024.
    Key benefits of the partnership:
    Integrated technology: This partnership seamlessly connects Cloudbeds’ award-winning property management system with IDeaS’ industry leading revenue management capabilities. Operators will be able to quickly and easily enhance their operational efficiency, pricing accuracy, and revenue generation capabilities.
    Leveling the playing field: The collaboration between IDeaS and Cloudbeds is poised to reshape the hospitality industry and democratize revenue management by offering a unified solution that opens the door to revenue management excellence and enhances overall operational efficiency for independent hotels worldwide.ADVERTISEMENTDesigned for busy operators: The integration will empower hoteliers with automated tools that monitor and capitalize on market fluctuations to optimally price rooms via an easy-to-use, application purpose-built for busy hoteliers. It will allow operators to deliver personalized and memorable guest experiences by aligning pricing strategies with operational excellence.
    Adam Harris, CEO and co-founder of Cloudbeds: “With a partnership between IDeaS and Cloudbeds, we’re creating something entirely new and innovative for our industry. Hoteliers will benefit from our comprehensive solution that addresses their most pressing challenges and rewrite the rules for what’s possible in hospitality.”
    Sanjay Nagalia, co-founder, COO & CTO of IDeaS Revenue Solutions: “We are excited to embark on this strategic journey with Cloudbeds. For many independent hoteliers, revenue management capabilities were believed to be out of reach. By combining our strengths, we’re poised to empower these hotels with the tools they need to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.”

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    Yesterday, at WebSummit Qatar, marked a groundbreaking moment as Striver, the world’s first truly abuse-free social media platform, is set to launch in the United Arab Emirates. Created by footballers for fans, Striver aims to redefine the social media landscape with a positive and inclusive digital space.
    Under the visionary leadership of CEO Tim Chase, Striver proudly announces its official entry into the UAE market. With a commitment to fostering a safe and respectful online environment, Striver stands as a beacon against online abuse, setting a new standard for social media platforms worldwide.Notably, Striver is honoured to have esteemed football legends Gilberto Silva and Roberto Carlos as Co-founders with Tim. Their passion for the beautiful game and dedication to fostering a positive community led them to building Striver’s mission.CEO Tim Chase expresses his enthusiasm, stating, “We are thrilled to introduce Striver to the dynamic landscape of the UAE. Our abuse-free platform aims to provide football enthusiasts with a space to connect, share, and celebrate the sport we all love.”Striver’s entrance into the UAE is strategically timed, coinciding with the nation’s burgeoning interest in football. With Saudi Arabia’s growing influence in the sport, Striver anticipates playing a pivotal role in nurturing a supportive online community for football enthusiasts across the region.Co-founder Gilberto Silva shares his excitement, saying, “Striver is more than a platform; it’s a community that celebrates the spirit of football without the negativity.I look forward to engaging with fans in the UAE and creating a space where the love for the game unites us all.”Co-founder Roberto Carlos adds, “In Striver, we have a platform that reflects the values of respect and teamwork that football embodies. I’m honoured to be part of this initiative and connect with fans in the UAE.”Striver invites football fans, enthusiasts, content creators, and social media users in the UAE to join the movement toward a more positive online experience. The platform is set to revolutionise the way fans engage with each other, their favourite players, and the sport they adore.

    Web Summit Qatar 2024 opened its doors Monday at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Centre (DECC)

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    Launch of ‘GoNexus Group’ marks start of new era for NexusTours to become global

    In a historic moment at the Royalton Splash Riviera Cancun during the 25th-anniversary celebration, NexusTours proudly announced a transformative change in its structure and brand identity. The event, which marked a quarter-century of success and innovation, has become the stage for the introduction of GoNexus Group and its three dynamic sub-brands to support global expansion.As the company embarks on the next phase of its journey, the unveiling of GoNexus Group represents a strategic move towards a cohesive brand architecture. GoNexus Group will serve as the overarching parent brand, and will go to market with a collection of best-in-class solutions, each with a clear proposition and market focus that meets the needs of its growing and diverse guests and partners globally. The business lines reshaping the landscape will be:Nexus Tours: Elevating DMC Services – Nexus Tours, the longstanding Destination Management Company (DMC), will continue to be the cornerstone of the receptive services and product sourcing. With a legacy of excellence, Nexus Tours remains committed to delivering exceptional experiences across 19 countries and 52 destinations, managing 3 million travellers annually.Nexus Cube:  Experiences and Mobility Marketplace – Nexus Cube emerges as the gateway for B2B partners to access a spectrum of experiences and mobility Marketplace products and bespoke tech solutions. This platform underscores GoNexus Group’s commitment to leveraging technology while ensuring a personalised approach, offering tailored solutions for over 1,000 B2B partners, with product in 140 countries and 6,600 destinations.Nexus Lab: Catalyst for Innovation – Nexus Lab will be a dedicated brand for innovation and the development of cutting-edge products, consultancy, and technological solutions to travel partners. Nexus Lab embodies the company’s commitment to staying at the forefront of industry advancements, driving innovation, and shaping the future of travel experiences.Rubén Gutiérrez, President of GoNexus Group, expressed, “Our 25th anniversary is not merely a reflection on our past, but a preview of the dynamic future we are shaping. The introduction of GoNexus Group and its sub-brands underscores our unwavering commitment to innovation, excellence in service, and the profound impact we aspire to make in the ever-evolving travel industry. This is not just a celebration; it’s a declaration of our dedication to creating extraordinary travel experiences that resonate globally.”In line with its ambitious global expansion focus, driven by its visionary approach and the introduction of its innovative brands, GoNexus Group is poised to elevate the travel experience across borders. Currently operating in 140 countries and spanning 6,600 destinations, the company is at the forefront of redefining the travel landscape. With an extensive array of offerings, including 30,000 mobility options, 92,000 diverse experiences, and 100,000 car rental services, GoNexus Group has positioned itself as a comprehensive travel solutions provider. Managing the travel needs of more than 3 million travellers annually, the company’s global reach is further accentuated by its collaboration with more than 1,000 travel partners (B2B partners) worldwide. This strategic expansion not only underscores GoNexus Group’s commitment to meeting the diverse needs of travellers but also reinforces its status as a global leader in the travel and tourism sector.

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    Stuart Greif joins InterLnkd as board advisor

    InterLnkd – the travel industry’s intelligent shopping mall partner and winner of the 2023 WTM and World Aviation Festival start-up competitions – has today announced the appointment of global travel executive and industry expert Stuart Greif on its board of advisors.The appointment comes just months after the start-up raised £1 million in a seed funding round led by Vanneck Ltd., to accelerate its growth and international expansion.
    In his role as a board advisor, Stuart will leverage his extensive industry knowledge to provide strategic guidance to the InterLnkd leadership team and identify new growth opportunities.
    With 30 years’ global experience focused at the intersection of travel, customer experience and technology, Stuart currently serves as Executive Vice-President of Forbes Travel Guide. In this capacity, he spearheads strategy, innovation, and operations across more than 80 countries.
    Previously, Stuart served as Senior Executive for Travel & Hospitality at Microsoft, and led J.D. Power’s Global Hospitality & Travel group. In addition, he played a pivotal role in the success of tech start-up – and now unicorn – Amperity, backed by early investors in Amazon, Facebook, and LinkedIn. He continues to actively engage in the travel start-up community as an investor, advisor, and mentor.
    Stuart Greif, board advisor to InterLnkd, said: “I love that InterLnkd is providing highly contextually relevant product offers post-booking from over 20,000 brands, bringing retail shopping into the travel post-booking process for suppliers and sellers of travel. The team has identified a multi-billion-dollar opportunity, of which the travel industry has barely scratched the surface.ADVERTISEMENT“No matter the type of vacation, Ski, Beach, City, Adventure or Golf, the industry is leaving significant revenue on the table, and InterLnkd has built a solution to capture that revenue and return it to the travel industry for free. I am excited by what the team has built so far for leading travel brands and look forward to supporting their global ambitions.”
    Barry Klipp, Chief Executive Officer of InterLnkd, added: “Stuart is one of the most recognised thought leaders in our field and a dedicated supporter of innovative travel start-ups. With his vast experience spanning top-tier consultancies, prominent tech companies, VCs, and private equity, he will be an invaluable asset to the InterLnkd team.”
    InterLnkd found the average traveller spends £270 on products across fashion, beauty, and essentials for their upcoming holiday. The UK start-up’s white-label technology enables travel sellers – including airlines, tour operators, and Online Travel Agencies – to earn a cost-free incremental revenue stream from these purchases.
    Thanks to its intelligent matching engine, InterLnkd seamlessly curates a personalised selection of products that align with a customer’s travel booking from over 20,000 brands.
    Last year, the company solidified strategic partnerships with leading travel brands including Thomas Cook, HolidayPirates, and LeShuttle (Eurotunnel).

    BEONx forges strategic partnership with webhotelier | primalres, leading travel tech group


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    BEONx forges strategic partnership with webhotelier | primalres, leading travel tech group

    BEONx, a leading hospitality revenue management system provider, is delighted to announce its strategic partnership with webhotelier | primalres, a regional travel tech leader focusing in the Greek and Cypriot market but serving 17.400+ hotels and other accommodation providers in 38 countries. This milestone collaboration aims to revolutionise the revenue management landscape in the region, act as a catalyst for data-driven decision making, thus enhancing the profitability and efficiency of hotels and other strategic accommodation providers.
    The primary objective of this partnership is to deliver an advanced revenue management solution tailored to the unique needs of the Greek and Cypriot markets, bolstered by a dedicated local Greek support network.
    As such webhotelier | primalres will play a pivotal role in enabling BEONx to effectively reach all key accounts including over 130 hotel chains in Greece and Cyprus that stand to benefit from the implementation of an RMS.
    Right now, in Greece, where hotels command some of the highest ADRs in the region, technology-driven solutions are in high demand. Hoteliers are actively seeking innovative tools to further enhance their revenue management strategies and capitalise on the thriving hospitality market. BEONx’s partnership with webhotelier | primalres will provide Greek and Cypriot hotels with a comprehensive suite of tools designed to meet their specific needs.
    Panos Kontozamanis, CEO at webhotelier | primalres, expressed his enthusiasm for this pivotal partnership, stating, “Our aim is to provide a state of-the-art e-business ecosystem that assists our partners’ journey to digital transformation. BEONx is the world’s #1 sustainable profitability platform for hotels that goes beyond Revenue Management. We are thrilled to integrate BEONx into our ecosystem, thus offering our clients a robust and holistic approach to revenue optimization. Together with BEONx, we’re set to redefine the future of hotel revenue management in Greece and Cyprus, providing our clients with unparalleled insights and the agility to thrive in a dynamic market.”ADVERTISEMENTAdditionally, Rubén Sánchez, CEO and cofounder at BEONx added, “Our partnership with webhotelier | primalres represents a significant step forward for BEONx in expanding our global footprint. We are excited to collaborate with such a reputable player in the Greek and Cypriot markets. This alliance reflects our dedication to empowering hotels in this region with advanced revenue management tools and exceptional customer support.”
    BEONx is set to integrate seamlessly with key hospitality technologies. Thanks to this partnership, BEONx will be able to offer customer service support in the Greek language, ensuring that their clients receive the best possible support and guidance for their revenue management needs.

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    Crystal Lagoons Expands PAL™ Projects to Rome, Milan, Toulouse and Seville

    Crystal Lagoons continues to conquer iconic cities in Europe. Having already launched in Prague, Warsaw, Bucharest, and Budapest, the company is now bringing beach life to Rome, Milan, Toulouse, Seville, and two additional Romanian cities. These Mediterranean cities will now also benefit from Public Access Lagoons™ projects, known as PAL™.
    In this way, this innovation multinational company, founded by scientist Fernando Fischmann, is expanding to Italy and France and adding projects in Spain and Romania, where it already has successful complexes such as Santa Rosalía, Alcazaba Lagoon, and Central District Lagoon City.
    The sustainability of Crystal Lagoons® technology was once again a determining factor for this agreement, the second with Forty Management, a prestigious and award-winning Romanian property developer with which the multinational has complexes in the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, and Hungary, characterized by their sustainability.
    The introduction of PAL™ projects into touristic and landmark cities like Rome and Milan demonstrates their added value, and the appeal of bringing an idyllic beach life just steps from homes. The central piece will be a large crystalline lagoon suitable for swimming and water sports, surrounded by white sandy beaches, which anyone can access for an entrance fee. The complex will be surrounded by residential areas, hotels, stores, restaurants, and other high-end commercial and entertainment infrastructure.
    “We are delighted that Crystal Lagoons, one of the world’s most innovative companies, has chosen Forty Management to expand into Europe. In partnership, we will bring beach life to the most amazing European cities and improve the quality of life through sustainable projects,” said Lucian Azoiței, CEO of Forty Management.ADVERTISEMENT“The disruptive innovation of Crystal Lagoons® technology, which allows bringing beach life in a sustainable way to any place in the world, is what generates the success of these crystalline lagoons. This has been recognized by avant-garde developers like Forty Management who, after confirming the trend in their first complex, repeat the model to develop new projects, even in cities that would be unthinkable like Rome, Milan or Toulouse,” said Jean Pierre Juanchich, Global Business Director of Crystal Lagoons.


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