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    After three years of construction, the reimagined Nassau Cruise Port opens its doors to cruisers sailing to Nassau, the vibrant capital city of the archipelago.
    Featuring a sixth berth and new terminal building, the revitalised port is now home to a Junkanoo museum, event and entertainment spaces, a 3,500-seat amphitheatre, a living coral exhibit, local stores and new food and beverage facilities.
    “The new Nassau Cruise Port offers a whole new experience for cruise visitors,” says the Honourable I. Chester Cooper, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism, Investments & Aviation. “Not only will Bahamian culture shine through all aspects of the port but the completion of the project marks a great milestone in ushering a new era for tourism in downtown Nassau, as well as a beautiful welcome for the millions of cruisers who disembark here each year.”
    With support from Junkanoo experts Arlene Nash Ferguson and Percy “Vola” Francis, the Nassau Cruise Port Junkanoo Museum is an immersive experience, sharing the story of the destination’s national cultural festival. Authentically Bahamian products are on display across 40 retail spaces at the port, including local businesses such as Bahama Hand Prints, Bamboo Shack and much more.
    “We anticipate our traffic numbers for 2023 to exceed pre-pandemic levels with about 4.2 million visitors,” says Mike Maura, Port Director for Nassau. “Our growth trajectory is quite promising. In 2019, which was the busiest year for us to date, we had 3.85 million visitors. For 2024, we already have 4.5 million confirmations.”ADVERTISEMENTEarlier this year, the Nassau Cruise Port set a record-breaking passenger arrival, welcoming 28,554 cruise visitors in one day – a testament to how the cruise industry is an important component to The Bahamas’ economy. The new and improved port provides entrepreneurial opportunities for Bahamians in addition to benefiting local businesses, shops and restaurants.
    In celebration of the grand opening, the Nassau Cruise hosted a handful of private events on site and a “Cruise Passenger Day Party” on 27 May 2023, inviting passengers to explore the new facilities complete with Junkanoo rushouts.
    To learn more about the new terminal, please visit


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    Discover Palau, One of the World’s Last Remaining Frontiers,  with Four Seasons Explorer

    Remote and untouched – imagine a beautiful wilderness awash with natural and cultural wonders. Four Seasons Explorer is setting sail to one of the world’s last remaining frontiers beginning later this year. Hidden in a remote part of the mighty Pacific, discover Palau—home to more than 340 emerald islands, an astonishing spectrum of marine life, and a 4,000-year-old culture still sustained by the local knowledge of 20,000 traditionally minded people – the most vital element of the unique Palauan culture.Referred to as one of the Seven Underwater Wonders of the World, with a half million square kilometres (193,000 square miles) of protected marine territory, Palau offers glorious opportunities for divers and snorkellers. But that’s just the start of the island nation’s wondrous appeal. With only 9 of the country’s 340 islands inhabited, opportunities for raw natural adventure abound, while deep cultural immersions range from insights into the rich Palauan dance tradition—awash with powerful chanting, storytelling and vibrant colours—to intriguing exploration of WWII sites, symbolic bai meeting houses, and centuries of Spanish, German, Japanese and American influences.
    “The core Palauan value of omengull—respecting all and everything—deeply aligns with our values at Four Seasons,” notes Regional Vice President Armando Kraenzlin.  “Right from the Palauan Pledge that all visitors are asked to sign upon arrival, visitors are immersed in one of the world’s most unique cultures, founded on tradition and respect. It’s a thrilling paradise for anyone seeking harmony with nature, and the opportunity to learn and embrace the unique Palauan way of life.”Be among the first to experience Palau with Four Seasons Explorer: Reservations for the first adventures in late 2023 are now being confirmed, with several opening offers and daily embarkation options to choose from.  Call (960) 66 00 888, email:  [email protected] or book online to begin the adventure.

    Discover One of the World’s Last Remaining Natural FrontiersMore than 1,400 species of fish and 500 species of healthy corals thrive in Palau’s crystal waters and elevated lakes. The nation became the world’s first shark sanctuary in 2009, covering more than 600,000 square kilometres of ocean (230,000 square miles) while the Rock Islands Southern Lagoon is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Palau’s astonishing spectrum of ocean life make it a paradise for swimming, snorkelling and diving.With a draft of 1.9 metres (6.23 feet), Four Seasons Explorer can access locations that larger vessels can’t reach, while its PADI 5-Star Dive Centre ensures expert multi-lingual instructors, the latest gear and onboard videographer, as well as custom-designed dive and excursion boats for direct entry to even the most inaccessible dive sites.Bucket-list amazement lies around every corner for divers, from the glittering stalactite formations of Chandelier Cave to the WWII history of Helmet Wreck; the gorgonian fans of Blue Corner to the dazzling canyons of Peleliu Wall. Experiences are equally awe-inspiring for snorkellers: millions of stingless golden and moon jellyfish in Jellyfish Lake; giant 115 kilogram (250 pounds) tridacna clams in Clam City; rabbitfish, turtles and goatfish in the crystal clear Ngedebus Coral Gardens—all accessed via guided excursions with Four Seasons marine biologists.
    Cultural Explorations The scattered islands of Micronesia’s Palau are home to a unique culture and intriguing heritage bound by a deep respect for the environment that has sustained generations of people. Four Seasons Explorer on-shore excursions are handled by insightful guides and include visiting Palau’s oldest bai (meeting house); exploring the Badrulchau Stone Monoliths, estimated to date back to the year 161; marvelling at the cave paintings of Ulong Island; discovering the Belau National Museum, multiple WWII sites, traditional music, lush forests, majestic waterfalls, and more. Recreational activities on offer include windsurfing, stand-up paddling and kayaking, while wellness experiences showcase soothing yoga, breathing and restorative treatments on-board or on a secluded beach. Explorer guests can bathe in mineral-rich mud, learn traditional Palauan fishing techniques, hike, bird-watch or even learn to pronounce a few Palauan phrases. A World of Culinary CreativityAboard Four Seasons Explorer, each day begins with an array of à-la-carte breakfast choices. Meals served on-board are all-inclusive (with the exception of alcoholic beverages) with lunch and dinner menus changing daily, themed on regional creations from Palau and elsewhere in the Pacific, as well as Asia and the West. Highlights include regular beach barbecues complete with insights into Palauan music and culture – always with fresh (and where possible, local) ingredients – gourmet flourishes and an extensive wine list. ADVERTISEMENT
    A Floating ResortFour Seasons Explorer operates like a floating resort, offering daily embarkations and disembarkations, allowing up to 22 guests to explore as deeply—and for as long—as they wish. With the freedom to focus on personal areas of interest among Palau’s many bucket-list wonders, both underwater and on land,  all adventures are entirely bespoke. Guests can also look forward to a variety of on-board experiences, from connecting with Palauan people, chefs and musicians to learning from expert marine biologists and indulging in wellness experiences with spa therapists and yogis. Multi-Destination DiscoveryGiven its remote location, Palau is ideally experienced in conjunction with other nearby destinations. Palau International Airport in Koror is currently accessible via Taipei, Honolulu, Guam, Manila and Brisbane, with the island nation well placed for further exploration of Australia, the Philippines, Taiwan and other islands of Oceania such as Yap, Chuuk and the Federated States of Micronesia.
    Private ChartersFour Seasons Explorer will also be available for fully customizable private yacht charters in Palau for groups of up to 22—including dedicated charters for surf enthusiasts with the experts from Tropicsurf, from uncrowded “best-kept secret” breaks on the east and west coast reefs to adventurous “surfaris” off the country’s fringing islands during the winter months.

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    Variety Cruises, the leading boutique small ship cruise company is pleased to announce a dream job opening. The title is Product Development Manager, but the role may best be described as intrepid scout, professional traveler, and vacation dream weaver.The successful candidate will scout the best-kept secrets in each destination the company visits (and beyond). In this role, your mandate would be to create immersive travel experiences for guests while honoring Variety Cruises’ commitment to sustainability and to improving the lives of the communities visited. The position is pivotal to the company’s mission to create A Better World At Sea, upholding the pillars of the Variety Cares Foundation, which focuses on promoting clean oceans, gender equality, and education for all.
    While the Product Development Manager will sometimes WFS (that’s Work From Ship), this role is based in Athens, Greece—a cosmopolitan mecca for digital nomads, creative expats, and locals living their best lives. Reporting to the Commercial Director, the successful candidate will be responsible for researching, managing, and developing the product offerings of Variety Cruises, which has been in operation since 1949. The position involves working closely with Marketing and Operations Departments to ensure product success and market growth, along with educating and training staff on cruise programs, offerings, and destinations.
    As a vital member of the Variety Cruises crew, the Product Development Manager will liaise with captains, operations, and technical departments to develop itineraries, map out destinations, and create and update copy describing the itinerary and programming. An exciting balance between beaches and business, the role also involves presenting short-term and long-term product sales forecasts and special reports and analyses to Variety Cruises Management.
    To qualify for this exceptional opportunity, the ideal candidate should hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing/Hospitality Management, at least three years’ experience in Product Development and/or Travel Hospitality, and an excellent knowledge of the English language, both written and verbal. Strong computer and social skills, geographical knowledge, and an adventurous spirit are also necessary; we’re seeking a team player and a born explorer.
    Variety Cruises offers a friendly, energetic working environment with continuous training, and professional development. And while the position comes with standard benefits, such as medical insurance, it offers the added perk of a free vacation (including an extra week of paid leave) on an annual cruise, so you can experience an itinerary as a client.ADVERTISEMENT“We are thrilled to offer this exciting role to a talented and passionate individual who shares our vision of creating A Better World At Sea,” said Filippos Venetopoulos, CEO of Variety Cruises. “We look forward to welcoming the successful candidate to our Family at Sea and working together to provide authentic, sustainable, life-enriching small ship adventures.”
    For more information and to apply, please visit the Variety Cruises website or send your resume and cover letter to [email protected]


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    New Disney Cruise Line Island Destination at Lighthouse Point in The Bahamas to Welcome Guests

    In summer 2024, Disney Cruise Line will welcome guests to a one-of-a-kind island destination at Lighthouse Point, located on the island of Eleuthera in The Bahamas, for the first time.Created in close collaboration with local artists and advisors, the vibrant island retreat will be a unique celebration of Bahamian culture brought to life with the quality and service of a Disney vacation.
    “At Disney Cruise Line, we have a deep appreciation for the Bahamian community,” said Sharon Siskie, senior vice president and general manager, Disney Cruise Line. “We are connected in many ways, including our shared values of storytelling and hospitality. With the opening of Lighthouse Point, visitors from around the world will experience the magic of The Bahamas in a new way, one that truly celebrates its natural and cultural beauty.”
    New details about Lighthouse Point reveal a relaxing beach escape designed with families in mind, infused with the color and energy of Bahamian artistry, and developed with a commitment to conservation at its core.
    Uniquely Designed, Sustainably Developed
    When guests arrive to Lighthouse Point, they’ll be greeted by distinctive, sweeping architecture in bright, saturated hues — a bold style inspired by nature and created in partnership with local artists.ADVERTISEMENTThe curvilinear buildings will at first appear as Bahamian shells scattered along the shoreline. Upon closer inspection, guests will discover artistic expressions of the native flora and fauna of The Bahamas and the pageantry and history of Junkanoo parades. Throughout the destination, references to playful folklore characters will evoke the warmth and charm of the local culture.
    Respect for the environment is at the heart of the design. At least 90 percent of the destination’s electricity needs will be met by an onsite solar array, the pier was designed to avoid the need for dredging and elevated walkways will help limit impact on the landscape.
    “Lighthouse Point is a place of extraordinary natural beauty, so our goal has always been to create designs that accentuate its qualities in an organic way,” said Kevin Thomas, creative director, Walt Disney Imagineering. “We’re focused on low-density, sustainable development that protects and preserves the environment, allowing the site’s biodiversity to shine.”
    Fun and Relaxation for Everyone
    At Lighthouse Point, families will enjoy a day of fun in the sun as they relax on pristine beaches, embark on active adventures and discover the magic of Bahamian storytelling alongside favorite Disney characters. Much like Disney’s cruise ships and private island of Castaway Cay, Lighthouse Point will offer activities and areas for every age group.
    Families can relax and play along white sandy beaches and turquoise waters at the expansive family beach on the east side of the island, which will be centrally located near market-style dining, recreation and other amenities.A Bahamian art and culture pavilion featuring special programs and local artists will provide visitors to Lighthouse Point opportunities to learn and celebrate the traditions and natural beauty of The Bahamas.A brightly-colored, interactive family water play area will include two slides, water drums, fountains and more, along with a dedicated space for toddlers.Additional recreational activities will be available for kids and kids-at-heart, including a covered gaming pavilion; a volleyball court and gaga ball pit; watercraft and bicycle rentals; nature trails for hiking and biking; and more.North of the family area will be an adult-exclusive beach — a glorious stretch of sun-drenched serenity complete with a dedicated dining area for convenient access to food and drinks throughout the day, plus six private cabanas available by reservation.Children ages 3 to 12 will splash and play at a themed kids’ club under the care of highly-trained Disney Cruise Line counselors. It will include a splash pad inspired by favorite undersea creatures from Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “The Little Mermaid,” plenty of shade and a dedicated dining area.Set away from the activity of the main family area, a peaceful beach along the south-western shore will be lined with 20 premium family cabanas available to rent, including four double cabanas that accommodate larger groups and offer massage services.Visitors to Lighthouse Point will have the opportunity to be surrounded by the wonders of nature and get a glimpse into the efforts taking place to conserve wildlife and their unique island habitats.A collection of new Port Adventures developed in partnership with local tour operators will take guests beyond Lighthouse Point to explore the rich culture and breathtaking beauty of Eleuthera.Disney’s new island destination is being thoughtfully designed to provide a hassle-free experience for families, including complimentary beach essentials (towels, chairs and umbrellas and lunch) and convenient tram transportation.
    Lighthouse Point will open for guests on select sailings in summer 2024. Details on inaugural itineraries and additional information about signature entertainment, dining, retail and excursions will be released at a later date.
    To learn more about Disney Cruise Line or to book a vacation, guests can visit, call Disney Cruise Line at 888-325-2500 or contact a travel agent.

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    P&O Cruises Australia’s Pacific Encounter Set to Make a Splash with New Twin-Racer Slides

    P&O Cruises Australia’s Brisbane-ported ship, Pacific Encounter, has today become the first in the brand’s fleet to call into Darwin since the resumption of cruisingHer maiden call is part of a 14-night ‘Indonesian Explorer’ repositioning cruise to Singapore, where she will undergo a three-week dry dock.
    Highly anticipated additions during drydock will include the installation of the 142-metre-long and 16-metre-high Twin-Racer waterslide and the P&O Edge Adventure Park. The Adventure Park, designed for thrill-seekers, will feature a 55-metre-long Zipline, Rock Climbing wall, Cargo Net, Walk the Plank, and Beam Walk; each sitting a heart-stopping 10 metres above Deck 16.
    Marguerite Fitzgerald, President of P&O Cruises Australia, says the anticipation of Pacific Encounter’s arrival into Singapore next week is building.
    “These exciting additions will mark the completion our three-fleet transformation and bring us yet another step closer to a full and ‘normal’ cruising season. And of course, we look forward to welcoming our Brisbane guests back onboard and seeing the joy as they race down the new slides and test out the adrenalin-pumping activities at sea when she returns.”
    The brief drydock next month follows the vessel’s major transformation in 2022, which unveiled P&O’s new Byron Beach Club concept, Luke’s Bar & Grill and 400 Gradi celebrity Chef restaurants, an F45 Fitness Studio, Black Circus Theatre, as well as contemporary bars and cafes including the Encounter Hotel, Bonded Store and Altitude nightclub.ADVERTISEMENTThis initial work was completed ahead of her return to Australia in August, where she made history as the first cruise ship to return to Brisbane to resume year-round cruising, home-porting at the new Brisbane International Cruise Terminal. The 1730 guests currently onboard the 14-night cruise will join Pacific Encounter in celebrating even more history-making moments as she becomes the first ship in the P&O fleet to complete further maiden calls into Benoa/Bali and Lombok in Indonesia, before arriving in Singapore on Monday 6 February.
    Pacific Encounter will recommence her full program itineraries from Brisbane in March, visiting 24 unique destinations within Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific this year. Visit for more information.


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    Holland America Line’s 2023 Alaska Cruisetours Included in Wave Offer for Free Upgrades etc

    For more than 75 years, Holland America Line has been exploring Alaska, making it the pioneer cruise line in the region. For travelers who want to venture farther and take in the all-encompassing exploration of the north, Holland America Line’s Cruisetours combine an Alaska cruise with an inland journey to Denali and the Yukon. To make an Alaska adventure even more enticing, Holland America Line is including Cruisetours in its current “Time of Your Life” wave offer.With the promotion, guests who book select summer 2023 Cruisetours receive a free stateroom upgrade, fare discounts, free fares for kids and reduced deposits—plus tours, beverages, specialty dining and Wi-Fi with the “Have It All” premium package. As a bonus for a limited time, guests also receive up to $300 per stateroom onboard credit, depending on the length of the Cruisetour. The offer runs through Feb. 28, 2023.
    “Holland America Line’s Yukon Cruisetours are exclusive to our brand, and the experiences we offer go back to a by-gone era, immersing our guests in a culture that is a deep part of North American history,” said Beth Bodensteiner, chief commercial officer for Holland America Line. “The breathtaking scenery of the Yukon perfectly complements the beauty of Alaska and Denali, not to mention the abundance of wildlife waiting to be photographed. Yukon is a must-visit destination, especially with the ‘Time of Your Life’ wave booking offers.”
    Holland America Line is the only cruise line that extends the Alaska Cruisetours up to the unspoiled reaches of Canada’s Yukon Territory. In 2023, 16 different Cruisetour options ranging from nine to 18 days will be offered on four ships, with six of those options including the Yukon. In addition to incredible scenery and an abundance of wildlife, the Yukon has a rich history that comes to life as only Holland America Line can showcase.
    Holland America Line’s top five reason to put the Yukon on your 2023 travel list:
    Relive the Klondike Gold RushEvery Yukon and Denali Cruisetour features up to two nights in Yukon’s Dawson City, affording guests more time to relive Gold Rush history. Guests can visit an operating placer gold mine located in the historic gold fields of the famous Klondike Gold Rush of 1898. Learn how placer mining is done, how to stake a claim and about selling the gold the miners discover, all while comparing the historical methods to the modern technologies. There even is an opportunity for gold panning in the creek.Breathtaking ScenerySome of the most amazing landscapes that the Yukon has to offer can be enjoyed on a scenic view along the Dempster Highway en route to Tombstone Territorial Park. The lucky ones will see wildlife while taking in the beautiful flora and fauna of the region. At Tombstone Territorial Park, hit the trails for a guided hike along the North Klondike River or a more challenging hike up the Goldensides Trail to a fantastic lookout point.Caribou, Wolves and Bears, Oh My!Part of the allure of an Alaska cruise is the diversity of wildlife. From orcas and humpbacks to otters and eagles, the opportunities to see amazing animals extends up into the Yukon. Lucky guests will see Arctic fox, Dall sheep, wolves, caribou, grizzlies, moose and more throughout their time in Canada.Glide Along the Yukon RiverIn Dawson City, a tour on the classic Klondike Spirit paddlewheeler takes guests on a nostalgic journey along the Yukon River past stunning tall pines, historic towns and wildlife. Learn about the Yukon First Nation based in Dawson City, the village of Moosehide, the history of the gold rush, the paddlewheel graveyard and the story of Dawson City. Klondike Spirit is included in some Cruisetours and can be added for a fee on others.Walk in the Footsteps of Jack London and Robert ServiceMuch like Anne of Green Gables is to Prince Edward Island, so are famed authors Jack London and Robert Service to the Klondike. In Dawson City, fans of London can visit the Jack London Museum and see a replica of where he lived while calling the Klondike home in 1897. This replica is built from half of the logs from London’s original cabin, which was located on the North Fork of Henderson Creek; the other half resides in London’s hometown of Oakland, California. The “White Fang” author lived in the area and spent time as a Yukon gold seeker.ADVERTISEMENTLikewise, visitors in town can tour the Robert Service cabin, where the Engli-born Canadian poet and author lived and penned best-selling “The Trail of ‘98.” Service worked as a banker in Whitehorse and later in Dawson City before he resigned in 1909 to focus exclusively on his writing craft that had blossomed with poems and tales of the gold rush after he was first transferred by his bank to Whitehorse in 1904.
    BONUS: A Journey Host Guides the WayEvery Yukon and Denali Cruisetour includes the services of a professional Journey Host, who makes time on land easy, convenient and insightful. Along the way, the Cruisetour Host provides expert narration of the sights and views, as well as travel coordination for the hotel, air, land and sea transportation.Sail the Splendors of AlaskaAll Alaska itineraries highlight the best of the Great Land aboard perfectly sized ships designed for immersive travel. From April through September 2023, guests can cruise aboard six ships to the pristine waters of Alaska. Explore Glacier Bay and the captivating towns of the Inside Passage and beyond. Itineraries are seven or 14 days and sail roundtrip from Seattle, Washington; roundtrip from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; or between Vancouver and Whittier, Alaska.
    “Yukon & Denali Cruisetours” includes either a three- or four-day Inside Passage cruise on Koningsdam or Volendam, or a seven-day Glacier Discovery cruise on Nieuw Amsterdam or Noordam; a two- or three-night stay at Denali National Park; and a journey into the Yukon. Holland America Line also offers Cruisetour options that just include Denali National Park.
    Voted Number-One Cruise Line in AlaskaNo other cruise line has explored Alaska longer than Holland America Line, and throughout the years the brand has collected awards and accolades from the world’s most discerning travelers and cruise experts for Alaska cruising. Holland America Line was named the top pick for Alaska in the Porthole Cruise Magazine Editor-in-Chief Awards, AFAR Travelers’ Choice Awards, Cruise Critic Cruisers’ Choice Destination Awards and TravelAge West Wave Awards Editor’s Pick.
    Alaska Up Close Immerses Guests in the Local CultureWith Holland America Line’s “Alaska Up Close” program, guests on Alaska cruises are deeply immersed in the local culture with authentic onboard programming, cruise activities and award-winning shore excursions. The exclusive experiences are delivered through experts leading workshops and lectures, EXC Talks exploring the stories of real Alaskans, tours highlighting the best of each destination, and Port to Table cooking demonstrations and fine dining events showcasing the culinary traditions of the region.
    For more information about Holland America Line, consult a travel advisor, call 1-877-SAIL HAL (877-724-5425) or visit

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    All Epicurean Expeditions by Atlas include a complimentary Cultural Immersion. Guests will enjoy enriching explorations of food or wine, such as a visit and tasting at a local vineyard.
    Atlas Ocean Voyages has revamped its product offerings to now feature year-round expeditions aboard its 198-guest, luxury yachts. In addition to visiting remote, polar destinations such as Antarctica and the Arctic, the line will offer new Epicurean Expeditions to iconic, marquee ports in Europe, beginning in April 2023.“We specialize in expeditions that provide insights, indulge the senses, and inspire discussion among like-minded travelers,” said James Rodriguez, the line’s president and CEO. “With the addition of our new Epicurean Expeditions, discerning explorers can now truly immerse themselves in the culinary culture of European ports, while cruising aboard a luxury yacht.”
    Onboard enrichment during Epicurean Expeditions will feature a Visiting Vintner, who may conduct a lecture and tasting to explain the subtleties of regional wines, from an aged Nebbiolo to a Beaujolais nouveau. A Gastronomic Guest – aboard every expedition – might be a renowned chef with a long history of cooking at Michelin-starred venues or a local culinary rock star skilled in the preparation of authentic, regional delicacies.
    In addition to demonstrations or interactive cooking classes, the Gastronomic Guest will participate, along with the ship’s executive or sous chef, in the Yachtsman Cookoff – the Atlas version of a culinary “ironman” competition. They will also accompany all culinary-focused Cultural Immersion shore excursions, which are complimentary on every Epicurean Expedition. Depending on the itinerary, guests might sample tapas in Barcelona; explore a farmer’s market in Corsica; or shop for chocolates and wine in Cinque Terre… to enjoy back on board.
    Epicurean Expeditions also include the Atlas Heritage Dining Experience and Josper Grill Dining Experience for no additional charge at the yacht’s two open-air specialty dining venues.ADVERTISEMENTAlma means “soul” in Portuguese. Alma Alfresco is the outdoor area aft of the main restaurant. The Atlas Heritage Dining Experience showcases the culinary soul of Portugal with recipes passed down for generations and prepared using artisanal techniques. Selections may include Bacalhau a Bras – shredded, salted cod with potatoes, olives, onions, and eggs, from Lisbon; and Torta de Azeitão – a delectable egg custard rolled in pastry, from Setúbal.
    After serving a casual lunch poolside, 7-AFT Grill transforms into a chophouse by night. Here the finest cuts of steak and fresh seafood are seared to perfection on a legendary Josper grill. Founded in Spain in 1969, Josper has become the world leader in charcoal gastronomy. Featured steaks at the Josper Grill Dining Experience may include Black Angus filet mignon, New York strip or a 35-ounce tomahawk – also known as cowboy ribeye. Non-beef selections often include lamb, shrimp, lobster, and vegetarian dishes.
    Whether cruising aboard World Navigator or the new World Traveller, Atlas’ stylish and intimate expedition yachts offer every five-star comfort, from luxurious accommodations and an all-inclusive onboard experience to in-depth shore excursions and customized private tours, for a truly personalized voyage.
    For information and reservations, call a travel advisor or 1.844.44.ATLAS or visit You can also follow Atlas on Facebook and Instagram: or


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    Virgin Voyages, Richard Branson’s award-winning and 5- star rated cruise and travel brand, celebrates the start of an epic 2023 with the launch of a video inspired by a music video.“The Voyage ‘’ was crafted by visionary director Jonas Åkerlund to celebrate the exclusively adult experience and takes viewers on a cinematic journey through 24-hours at sea. The video is musically guided by a reimagining of Culture Club’s iconic, 1983 song, “Karma Chameleon,” featuring pop-artist Drew Love. Originally released by Virgin Records, the new Virgin Voyages-inspired tropical house tune is debuting during the 40th anniversary of the original song’s iteration, paying homage to its Virgin roots with the iconic tune as backdrop to exclusively-adult sailing experience.
    Starring real Virgin Voyages Crew members and Sailors, the video was inspired by their first-hand experiences on board. “The Voyage” was filmed on the brand’s first ship in the fleet, Scarlet Lady, and captures the essence of what it’s like to vacation with the brand, incorporating moments of relaxation such as sunset yoga and the serenity of vacationing at sea. At the helm is acclaimed Swedish director Jonas Åkerlund, whose work has been internationally awarded for feature films, documentaries, music videos, commercials and stage shows. Beyond these projects, Åkerlund has directed music videos for renowned artists from Madonna, Lady Gaga and Beyoncé, to The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney and Maroon 5. Working together with the team at Virgin Voyages, Åkerlund’s melodic, visually-driven storytelling was the perfect creative match to bring to life the feeling of transformative sailing aboard a Virgin Lady Ship. Alongside this creative vision, the brand partnered with vocalist and songwriter, Drew Love – of the band THEY. – whose sound spans across genres including R&B, pop, dance and hip hop. Apart from THEY., Love pursues independent, solo projects and co-writes for other artists including G-Eazy, The Chainsmokers, SG Lewis, Louis the Child and John Legend.
    Nathan Rosenberg, Chief Brand Officer of Virgin Voyages said, “We have won the hearts and minds of hundreds of thousands of Sailors who have fallen in love with Virgin Voyages because we created an experience everybody could love. As we continue to showcase our ships to the world, we wanted to share what it’s like onboard based on what our sailors have told us and shared on social. It features real crew as well and is a celebration of travel and Voyaging. “The Voyage ‘’ music video shows this in such a unique and relatable way, from a quiet and restorative feeling, to a dreamy, curious and energetic state.”
    Jason Xenopoulos, Co-Chief Creative Officer for North America at VMLY&R said, “We believe that brands should create culture rather than interrupting it. “The Voyage” is an example of how music and entertainment can be used to tell a brand story while delivering an authentic entertainment experience to the audience. Virgin Voyages deserves more than an ad campaign, and we are delighted that we could create an entertainment experience instead – one that will live in culture where this brand belongs.”
    Delivered as a methodically-driven short film, Virgin Voyages tells its story through the lens of the Sailor experience, all firmly rooted in the musical DNA of Virgin. This new music video also coincides with the launch of the new brand campaign, “Now We’re Voyaging.” In 2018 Virgin Voyages invited travelers to “Stray the Course” and consider the possibilities and innovations in cruise travel. In 2021, Richard Branson’s new company invited travelers to “Set Sail the Virgin Way,” asking Sailors to expect the unexpected. Often called a disruptor in the travel sphere, Virgin Voyages is elevating the experience yet again. Now We’re Voyaging. The brand campaign exemplifies the duality of excitement and relaxation Sailors can expect aboard Virgin Voyages’ award-winning vessels.ADVERTISEMENTEven as the newest cruise brand to enter the industry, Virgin Voyages has been making waves since its first sailing in 2021. With more five-star ratings than any other cruise line on TripAdvisor and numerous industry awards and accolades, the brand welcomes 2023 as its most exciting year to-date. On the horizon, Virgin Voyages will take delivery of two additional ships – Resilient Lady and Brilliant Lady – sailing to exciting new destinations including Greece and Australia.
    To enjoy the sounds of Virgin Voyages’ modern take on Karma Chameleon and dive into the world of “Now We’re Voyaging,” visit here.
    For more information on Virgin Voyages and where the company sails, visit or call your First Mate.

    Cunard Announces ‘Treat Yourself, On Us’ Wave Season Offer on a Variety of 2023-2024 Sailings