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    Hot Travel Trend: K-Pop Style Wedding Photography in South Korea

    one-11, Flickr We’ve all heard of destination weddings, but would you travel to another country just to have your wedding photos taken? That’s the latest travel trend in Asia as increasing numbers of well-to-do Chinese couples head to South Korea to have their marriage immortalized on film. Some Chinese feel that South Korea is more […] More

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    Photo Of The Day: Yubeng Water Works

    James Wheeler, Flickr This Photo of the Day, titled “Yubeng Water Works,” comes from Gadling Flickr pool member James Wheeler who captions the image: “If you’ve been following my photos, by now you know I am a big fan of Norther Yunnan in China. This photo is of the water system in Yubeng. These pipes […] More

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    Recycled Hong Kong Airport Opens As Cruise Terminal

    Hong Kong Tourism Board Hong Kong‘s $1 billion Kai Tak cruise terminal is open and processing cruise travelers as anticipated. Located at the site of the former Kai Tak International airport runway, the terminal will eventually source passengers from a pool of 50 million potential middle-class passengers in China. This week though, it’s all about […] More