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    Arctic Explorer Gets Belated Recognition

    Wikimedia Commons When I took my family to the Orkney Islands of Scotland last year I saw this curious memorial in St. Magnus Cathedral, Kirkwall. It’s for an Arctic explorer named John Rae. While the name struck a bell, I knew virtually nothing about him. Most people don’t, and that’s a shame. Rae grew up […] More

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    Cave Divers To Explore Unmapped New Mexico Cavern

    A crack team of cave divers will explore New Mexico’s famed Blue Hole underwater cave system this weekend. The Advanced Diver Magazine Exploration Foundation will send a team down Blue Hole cave in Santa Rosa, New Mexico. The cave has already been partially mapped down to a depth of 225 feet, but it’s believed to […] More

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    U.S. Navy Ship Goes On Display. . .In North Korea

    Michael Day It’s one of the most popular attractions in Pyongyang, North Korea, and with a new coat of paint it’s ready to attract more admiring crowds for a brainwashing display of jingoism. The USS Pueblo is a U.S. Navy spy ship captured by the North Korean Navy in 1968. While on an intelligence gathering […] More