Tips For Renting A Gondola In Venice (Plus Some History)

Venice Gondola Ride Tips

How to Rent a Gondola in Venice

Venice, Italy

Evocative of the beauty and romance of Venice’s waterways, riding a traditional Venice gondola is sure to be on most people’s bucket list. Here are tips to have a great time!

With a rich history spanning as far back as the 11th century, the gondolas of Venice are a thing of beauty. It was the activity we were looking forward to most.

Gliding down Venice’s narrow canals, admiring the beautiful architecture, and relaxing to the sound of a classic Venetian song. It doesn’t get much better!

Renting a gondola is one of the top things to do in Venice while visiting Italy.

In this guide, I’ll share tips to get the most from your gondola experience.

Gondola Floating Down Canal

A Historic Venetian Tradition

History Of The Venetian Gondola

Each part of a traditional Venetian gondola has a specific function; from the iron prow which balances against the weight of the gondolier, to the eight types of wood used in construction to ensure a smooth trip.

Such was the sheer variety of gondolas, that 10,000 gondolas are estimated to have been in operation during the 1500s, with the current design only perfected during the 20th century.

There are approximately 500 working in Venice — the trained men (and a woman!) who pilot these unique craft.

Each gondolier is part of a guild, spending 6 months and 400 hours of training to learn the skills needed. Next, an apprenticeship is undertaken before the gondolier is able to take the helm of an actual gondola.

The boats themselves cost an astonishing €20,000 – €35,000 EUR! One reason why rides are so expensive…

An estimated 20 million tourists visit Venice every year, producing a strong demand that keeps the magic of Venetian gondolas alive and thriving.

Venice Canal Gondola Rides

Gondolas in Venice: Expensive, but Fun!

Should You Rent A Gondola In Venice?

While you can certainly say renting a gondola in Venice is an expensive tourist trap, in my opinion, it’s also a very unique travel experience in Europe.

If you’re genuinely curious about history and culture of Italy, renting a gondola in Venice at least once is totally worth it.

Gondolas were reserved for the elites of Venice, as they traversed these same waterways on their way to lavish parties, public fistfights, and to get around a network of islands in style.

It’s an activity that you can truly only enjoy properly in Venice. Those “gondola” rides (ha!) at Las Vegas’s just aren’t the same…

Gondola Service Sign

Official Gondola Prices

How Much Does A Gondola Ride Cost

Official rates for gondola rides are set by the City of Venice, and you’ll see them posted on signs near the docks.

Gondola trips start at €80 EUR for 30 minutes. Additional 20-minute increments are €40. After 7pm, the base rate climbs to €100 EUR, with €50 for an additional 20 minutes.

Singing during your ride often costs extra, usually another €20 – €30 EUR. But not all gondoliers sing so make sure to ask beforehand. We got lucky and ours did!

Venice Traghetto Ferry

Public Traghetti have (2) Oarsmen

The Public Traghetto

Another, lesser-known option is the . This is the public version of a gondola that ferries people across canals. It’s a much shorter ride, without the fancy decorations, and locals prefer to stand up.

You’ll find a handful of traghetto piers if you keep your eye out for them. This is how you cross a canal when there is no bridge nearby. The ride costs only €4 EUR.

The most common routes for these are: Pescaria (Rialto fish market) – Santa Sofia (near Ca’ d’Oro), and San Tomà – Sant’Angelo. But there are others around too.

What To Expect On A Gondola Ride

By law, the color of gondolas in Venice is black. Six coats of black paint to be exact. This was to help prevent unfair competition.

When you first board your sleek black gondola, you’ll see that it has plush seating and is covered in gold decorations. Most have blankets during the fall & winter.

Your gondolier will be wearing the traditional costume of black pants and a striped shirt, possibly a straw hat.

If you get a gondolier, they may act as a tour guide, sharing the history of the buildings you pass along the way. Many gondoliers speak multiple languages too.

Some gondoliers sing for free, most will probably want an extra tip, some just don’t sing no matter what you do.

If you book a gondola ride along the famous Grand Canal, it’s bound to be very busy with other boats, and not the most romantic experience. Try to find a less-busy location on the smaller canals for some romance.

Useful Venice Gondola Tips

  • There are tons of gondola stations () on the canals in Venice. I recommend one away from the Grand Canal, in a quieter part of the city.
  • There’s something extra special about floating the canals in a gondola early in the morning before tourists take over. Sunset can also be good.
  • Up to 6 people can share a Venice gondola. If you’re traveling alone, teaming up with others from your hostel can help drive down the price!
  • To truly enjoy the magic of a gondola ride through Venice, tip the gondolier so they will be more likely to sing for you. It’s worth it in my opinion.
  • While it can be tempting to take a million photos while floating the canals, remember to put the camera down to truly enjoy the experience.
  • You can find wheelchair-accessible gondolas at the Gondolas4all Pier just South of the Hotel Santa Chiara. Here’s the location on Google Maps.

Private Venice Gondola Rides

Don’t want to risk a bad ride? You can book your own private gondola ride with guaranteed singing as well as a dinner and prosecco: ➜ BOOK IT HERE

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