5 Photos That Will Inspire Your Photography This Week!

It probably comes as no surprise to you that I love photography. I love being out and about and taking photos – especially so when travelling as my love for photography seems to materialise into something real because I then find a purpose to indulge in my hobby (even though the bulk of that is just fueled by taking nice photos to share on Facebook). Photography to a large extent fuelled the start of Hand Luggage Only (as I must have mentioned before how I had lots of photos I’d taken and just wanted to share with other travel enthusiasts like myself).

Anyway, when I’m not out an about taking photos (or at home editing them/looking through them with a glass of wine), I love to look at other people’s photographs too. Sometimes as source as a source of distraction and entertainment but always as a source of inspiration. I love seeing how people take photos from interesting angles and perspectives, how the edit them, how even the most mundane items can be turned into fascinating photo subjects… the works! What usually follows is a period of frustration where I then try to understand how they did that but it’s one of the best ways to improve in photography and to challenge myself.

Here are some of my favourite photos I’ve come across on the internet this week that I find truly inspiring! Do let me know what you think of them and if you do have a photo (or even more than one) that you find inspiring, please do let me know what it is and why (even if the photo was taken by you – it’s very okay to like the photos you take. 🙂 )

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